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Life Skills Support Group

Our Life Skills  support group is based upon the hope that recovery is possible. It is designed for people with mental health challenges that are striving to maintain their wellness and recovery. The group is facilitated by trained peers who have lived experience with mental health challenges and will provide a safe confidential place for people to share.



Our Warmline is a non-emergency confidential that provides a safe place for people to talk about anything that is on their mind & get emotional support. We offer a place of empathy, understanding, & hope. Mondays through Sundays 9am-9pm.

1/2 Hour Meditation

This short Guided Meditation group provides participants a space to clear their minds and release stress. Through the guidance of our group facilitator & music, participants will ground themselves with relaxation skills they can take into their everyday lives.

Anxiety Support Group

A weekly supportive space for peers to share their personal struggles with anxiety and empower one another in using coping skills discussed in the group.

ERC Advocacy Team

The mission of our Advocacy Group is to advocate for people with behavioral health challenges, who have difficulty advocating for themselves in order to receive proper services and resources out in the community.

Making Friends Group

Our making friends group teaches participants social skills that will help them to make friends and meet people. We believe that in community we recover and that good friends are vitally important to our mental health and the quality of our lives.

Hearing Voices & Negative Thoughts

Hearing Voices Groups are facilitated by peers trained by the Hearing Voices Network where people with shared experiences can come together to support one another. This group offers a safe haven where people who hear, see or sense things that other people don’t can feel accepted, valued and understood.

Peer Education

Our Peer Support Fundamentals class introduces people who are, or who have been, consumers of mental health services to the world of peer support. We cover the history and philosophy of peer support & you will learn skills to practice peer support to use for roles in the mental health system as employees or volunteers. It is not a course that will lead to certification

Ted Talks

This group meets in our group room to watch Ted Talks on interesting topics usually around mental health.


A 10 week evidence-based group facilitated by trained Peers. Using a wellness & recovery approach this group helps people to decrease & prevent intrusive or troubling feelings & behaviors; increase personal empowerment; Improve quality of life; & achieve their own life goals & dreams with plans for responses 

Art Group

An art group that allows participants to express themselves through art and their creativity where we guide them in applying art as a coping skill to reduce stress, Improve self-esteem etc. All art supplies are provided.

Men's Support Group

A safe space for men to share their struggles, experiences, and triumphs in a weekly support group.

SMART Recovery

A self-empowering addiction recovery support group! We learn recovery tools based on the latest scientific research and help people recover from all types of addiction, addictive behaviors, and harmful habits, including: substance addictions , as well as activity addictions No matter your harmful habit, SMART can help you change it. 

Trauma Processing Group

A process group where members share their experiences with the guidance of a trained peer support specialist. A safe and supportive space for people to share and be heard. This group will help people speak of their trauma as it will allow the silenced trauma to be spoken about. This group will concentrate on safety, support, acceptance, connection, normalization of responses, development of coping skills, and the recognition of resiliency traits.

Women's Support Group

A safe space for women to share their struggles, experiences, and triumphs in a weekly support group.

Bipolar Support Group

This is where participants with bipolar disorder meet and share their experiences, successes, challenges and deepen their understanding of bipolar disorder with peer support.



6-8-week weekly Housing Retention Workshops promote housing stability. They provide an overview of approaches to implement successful housing retention that will keep residents stable, housed, & prevent evictions. The weekly workshops will explore the importance of collaborative relationships between tenants & property management staff. They will teach people how to understand their lease, the maintenance of their apartments, managing their finances, 


Movies are shown on the weekends in our cozy living room. It is a nice time for people to relax and enjoy entertainment together.

Peer Companion Program

Two participants are linked that are looking for extra support and/or socialization. They meet once a week in the community. Some examples of what they might do are going to coffee, going for a walk, or whatever they decide to do together. We give each pair $10 to use for their visits.

Mental Health Support for People of Color

A confidential support group where participants talk about their challenges and frustrations coping with life’s difficulties & racism, while dealing with the stress of mental health challenges. A space where opinions, voices, and experiences are not just taken into account, but are centered, valued, and respected.


A peer led support group for those dealing with their own hoarding behaviors and challenges. A non-judgmental environment for individuals to share and get support from peers in an informal setting

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